Saturday, May 9, 2009

Live Interview with QX104

Corrie and I were asked to share our story for the Caring for Kids radiothon on April 30, 2009 in support of the Children's Hospital . This is a recording of our live interview with Caroline Hunter & Troy Westwood of QX104.


Misty B said...

This is beautiful! I know it took a lot for you to do this... to go back to that place and tell this story. You honored your children that day (all three of them.)


Anonymous said...

i am so proud of you!! you both were absolutly wonderful and i agree woth Misty.. you honored all 3 of your children that day.. what a wonderful keepsake for sabrina.. i love you..momxxx000

Janice said...
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Janice said...

ahhh. What do I say? First of all you don't know me. I am friends with Nichole, Precious little Noah Johnson's mom. I saw you on her blog. My husband is from Portage, MB - we are in WA state.

I listened to this broadcast with a soft heart and just really entered into your life. I'm a mom of 4 young children and I simply pray to God that I never have to feel what you feel. The utter pain and despair ... if there were no God. No hope. I loved your message, well spoken and there are so many questions. But they will be answered. Our Pastor recently spoke on "living Under The Sun" and how things don't make sense here until you get an 'ariel view' so to speak...and there will be a lot of "oh, I see's" when we get to Heaven. You will have your questions answered and you will spend your forever with your babies. God bless your family. May His face shine upon you and your precious family. Feel His sunshine.

Janice (sorry the previous comment I deleted for way too many typos to bear ;)

Sherry T said...

Hi Lisa - it's been a while since I've visited your site & I'm happy to see that you've kept up with blogging & sharing your journey. I just listened to your interviews for the Children's Hospital & they're very touching. You emit such strength & example with your faith -- you're incredible!
I was watching Emily on the floor playing as I was listening. I was thinking of the gift that children are; a gift which can never be taken away from us regardless of whether this gift is in front of us everyday or in our hearts everyday. You have been given the gift of Sabrina, Nicholas & Olivia, so precious & it can never be taken away from you.
Thinking of you & thought I'd send a hello your way,